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Equipment & Accessories

Equipment & Accessories
Brand: Palziv
Foam mat floor tiles Palziv RainbowSoft-textured, especially durable foamed polyethylene puzzle tiles for the floor are designed to protect children of all ages from bumps in the event of a fall.Multicolored flooring helps to create an exclusive design for a child room or playroom.The floor covering..
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Brand: Rucanor
RUCANOR SHAKER Blender-bottle 600 ml, pink Convenient and exclusive drinker-whisk consists of three parts: food supplements for beating food (600 ml) and two additional smaller containers, one for capsules and the other for powders. With the Rucanor Shaker you can conveniently combine capsules, tab..
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Brand: MyKronoz
Smart physical activity monitoring bracelet "ZeFit3" The ZeFit3 is a stylish fitness tracking bracelet with a color touch screen that shows time, number of steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality. With ZeFit3, you can quickly learn about your activities and sleep results in real time usi..
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Brand: inSPORTline
Smartwatch inSPORTline Brayley   The watch will attract attention with its elegant appearance and precise workmanship.The Swiss watch mechanism is housed in a massive tungsten case, the dial is decorated with zircon crystals and a metal tungsten bracelet covered with sapphire crystal. ..
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