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Zoom Lens IMAISEN 38x BAK4 HD Green Film for Smartphone

Zoom Lens IMAISEN 38x BAK4 HD Green Film for Smartphone
Zoom Lens IMAISEN 38x BAK4 HD Green Film for Smartphone
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  • Model: CDD-WYJ-00189
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  • Dimensions: 0.35m x 0.20m x 0.10m

IMAISEN 38x Zoom Lens is a newly developed high quality optical 38X telescope zoom lens with mini tripod, which meets your various photography needs. This mobile phone telephoto lens also comes with a balanced tripod and the tripod can be used as a selfie stick. After adding the lens, we can place the phone on a sturdy adjustable tripod. Also use the tripod as a mini selfie stick. It is fully multi-coated and made of advanced optical glass for HD images.

FMC fully coated with multi-layer coating made of advanced Lanthanide optical glass for HD imaging.

The lens kit is perfect for everyone from your friends to your parents. Easy to mount, carry and store, take photos for parties, music festivals, camping, hiking, travel, bird watching, etc. and save all the wonderful memories.

The unique design will bring you a wonderful world. Schmidt prism, the perfect combination of transparency and high resolution. Eye and object glass remain in the same line, less distortion, more reality than ever. Its compact design makes it smaller.

Coated glass optics

Super clear original paint finish with high shine

transmittance, reproduces the true color

Perfect photo and video

18x optical zoom, high-definition telephoto lens ensures the highest quality photos from a distance without getting too close to the subject, details can be clearly seen. High-definition optical eyepieces and lenses for sharper image quality and more accurate color reproduction.

Improved zoom telephoto and monocular

It allows you to clearly capture distant scenery, and can also function as a monocular telescope, giving you every opportunity to see the wonders of the world from afar.

Expand your phone's photography capabilities

18X telephoto lens with fixed focal length (non-zoom lens) - Magnify distant objects (without taking close-up shots).

Portable and multi-functional

The lens is easy to carry in your pocket. Ideal for sporting events, concerts, bird watching, travel, camping, animal watching, private detective work. It will accompany you in capturing every beautiful moment of distant landscapes

Comparison of effects

With 38x magnification, compact design, high definition, our telescope gives you super convenient

viewing pleasure and easy to carry wherever you go.

Wide selection of compatible devices

Portable, detachable and sturdy clip-on design that attaches to almost all smartphones,


  • Durable design and smooth focusing
  • Retractable tripod and phone holder
  • Telescope/monocular function
  • Manufacturer - IMAISEN
  • Zoom type - optical
  • Magnification 38x
  • Aperture range: 360 degrees
  • Compatible brand: iphone, Android and other smart phones.
  • Filming distance: 1m-1000m
  • Focusing range 5m +
  • Length 199mm
  • FOV 5.3
  • Prism BAK4
  • The transport length of the tripod is 15 cm
  • The maximum height of the tripod is 20.5 cm
  • Material Metal + covered with Alpine-friendly rubber
  • Size 18x37x123 mm


  • 1 x storage bag
  • 1 x Tripod Clip
  • 1x UV lens
  • 1x38x telephoto lens
  • 1 x Phone Clip
  • 1x lens cap
  • 1x glasses cover

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