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Yoga roller cover

Yoga roller cover
Yoga roller cover
Yoga roller cover
Yoga roller cover
Yoga roller cover
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  • Model: IN 6451
  • Weight: 0.40kg
  • Dimensions: 0.45m x 0.11m x 0.11m
Yoga roller cover

Made of special EVA material.
Together with the yoga cylinder, this coating is used for muscle relaxation, deep massage, and it also helps to improve muscle flexibility.
- Made of non-toxic material
- Improves movement coordination
- Eliminates stress, muscle tension, imbalance
- Eliminates back and joint pain
- 4 clasps
- Material: EVA
- Size: L 52 cm W x 43.5 cm x H 1.5 cm
- Unlimited lifting capacity
- Suitable for aerobics and balance exercises

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