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Soft bait INTECH Slim Shad 2.5 17

Soft bait INTECH Slim Shad 2.5 17
Soft bait INTECH Slim Shad 2.5 17
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Intech Slim Shad is a classic bait with a vibrating tail made of edible silicone for increased strength and elasticity. As a result, Slim Shad lures will provide excellent catches and will last for a long time. The body of the bait is divided into two segments and ends in a narrow tail with a small heel. This geometry gives the vibrating tail a soft, high-frequency reproduction. Slim Shad Intech catches many freshwater predators perfectly. The bait has negative buoyancy. The vibrating housing has special sockets for mounting hooks.

The cross-section divides the elongated body of the Slim Shad 2.5 into two parts. "Intech" experts have made the bait from elastic and durable silicone. The properties of the materials combined with the thoughtful geometry give a lively dynamic play. "Intech slim shad" is impregnated with an attractant containing amino acids. The attractive smell will awaken the appetite of even passive and well-fed fish. The bait is 6.3 cm long and weighs 1.57 g. Perfect for fishing for perch, pike and pikeperch.


  • Length: 6.3cm
  • Weight: 1.57g
  • Colour: 17
  • Material: Edible silicone

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