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Soft bait 2SYS Pt Shad 2-901 Limited V

Soft bait 2SYS Pt Shad 2-901 Limited V
Soft bait 2SYS Pt Shad 2-901 Limited V
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  • Model: FO-2PT-901
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  • Dimensions: 0.10m x 0.06m x 0.01m

Soft bait 2SYS Pt Shad 2-901 Limited V

This soft bait was created after many years of experiments with various shapes. Best colours and excellent elastic silicone guarantees it's high quality.

It is suitable mainly for catching perch in all possible ways, from traditional jig to paternoster.


  • Length - 8.5cm
  • Colour - Limited V

Attention. Please note that price is for single unit!

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