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Liquid PVC Patch LATKA24 - Green

Liquid PVC Patch LATKA24 - Green
Liquid PVC Patch LATKA24 - Green
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  • Model: AM-LP-GN
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  • Dimensions: 0.15m x 0.10m x 0.03m

The liquid PVC patch is the original PVC from which your boat, pool, tarpaulin or other object is made of PVC material.

Now you can repair your boat very inexpensively and you no longer need a huge amount of aids. With LATKA24 Liquid Patch you will save a lot of money and time.

Why Liquid Patch?

  • No temperature intervention required!
  • Not afraid of UV rays!
  • It hardens like a solid product monolith!
  • High grip!
  • Retains the original characteristics and properties of the material.

Basic recommendations for using the liquid patch:

  1. The product does not freeze at relatively low temperatures, but it is still not worth repairing the product at low temperatures. The Perfect Liquid Patch operates from + 15 ° C
  2. Apply the first and second layers of the liquid patch (if necessary) on the "fresh" first layer, preferably on the emptied product.
  3. After applying the liquid patch, the product can be used after a day (if you have punctures, scratches or other minor injuries), but this does not mean that the strength of the liquid patch itself should be checked.
  4. After all, after a day, your patch is still pretty fresh and all the chemical processes aren’t over yet. Remember that the Liquid Patch reaches its maximum strength after 7-10 days. You will then be more likely to damage your boat than a patch of liquid
  5. Degrease the surface to be repaired - this will significantly improve the repair!
  6. Use an electrical tape (mask) for the aesthetic side.


  • Color green
  • Material - Liquid PVC + 14 reagents
  • Recommended operating temperature + 15 degrees
  • Amount - 20 g.
  • Certificate - ТУ У20.1-3145621011-001: 2015
  • Patent no. 122537
  • Country of manufacture Ukraine
  • Warranty 24 months from the date of manufacture


Only this product, made in Ukraine, is original and certified. The copy made by RUSSIA does not have any certificates and is not a real product.

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